Our Spanish Voice Over Samples

Listen to our samples to discover why everybody from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies trust Plumey Voices for all their Spanish voice over needs!

 We have a wide variety of Spanish voice work for you to listen to, so you hear the incredible work that our team of voice specialists will provide for your business! From television commercials to video games to menu options on your phone system, our voice over work in Spanish is perfect for all your needs.

Our Spanish Voice Over Projects:
  • Spanish Television Voice Overs
  • Spanish Radio Voice Overs
  • Spanish Advertising Voice Overs
  • Spanish YouTube Voice Overs
  • Latin American Spanish Voice Overs
  • Spanish Audio Production
  • And much more!

As you can hear from the samples below, we are able to capture the emotions that you need for your voice over in Spanish. Our specialists understand how to adapt their recordings to your needs. If you need excitement to sell your new product or if you need a strictly professional tone, we will cater the Spanish voice over to fit your advertisement or video perfectly.

Below are a variety of samples from our past voice over work in Spanish:



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